Sunparlour Players "If the Creeks Don't Rise"

Sunparlour Players 'If the Creeks Don't Rise'
Self-described as a "rabid tractor screaming towards a tent revival," Toronto's Sunparlour Players are all that and then some with a passion that can find them leading a rabid "hallelujah!" one minute and a bedtime lullaby the next. Led by Mennonite-raised singer/songwriter Andrew Penner, it's arguable that his history has inspired him lyrically, but whatever the case the man writes with a burning fire inside (maybe it's his fondness for Pantera's Cowboys from Hell). Signed to the esteemed Baudelaire Label, the threesome will re-release their debut Hymns for the Happy in the fall, which just so features this exquisite number. The patience they demonstrate is remarkable; if this was my song I'd likely build it up into some sort of barn burner towards the end, but they keep it slow and steady all the way. Plus, I love that brief horn cameo at the beginning; it's like a groundhog popping out for a peek - what an intro.

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