Sunn O))) Announce 'Kannon'

Sunn O))) Announce 'Kannon'
Making good on their word, drone metal deities Sunn O))) have confirmed they'll have a new heavy hum of music coming our way by the end of the year. Despite a few semi-recent album collaborations, Kannon will be the first full-fledged Sunn O))) LP in six years. It arrives December 4 via Greg Anderson's Southern Lord imprint.

A press release notes that Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley and Anderson tracked the set in Seattle with producer Randall Dunn at the Studio Litho, Aleph and Avast! recording facilities. It's said that Kannon is the "most outright 'metal'" offering the band have delivered in years, and goes on to use Darkthrone's Panzerfaust and Bathory's Twilight of the Gods as sonic reference points.

While previews have yet to be unleashed, the album features three extended pieces. O'Malley and Anderson have brought a few longtime collaborators on board for Kannon, including Attila Csihar (Mayhem), experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi, Rex Ritter and Zombi's Steve Moore.

Kannon is the first proper Sunn O))) album since 2009's Monoliths & Dimensions. That said, the act issued both the Soused album with Scott Walker and their Terrestrials collaboration with Ulver in 2014.

More recently, the act unveiled a vast live archive on their website. You can access the madness here.


1. Kannon 1
2. Kannon 2
3. Kannon 3