Sumac "Image of Control" (Tokyodionisis Remix by Endon)

Sumac 'Image of Control' (Tokyodionisis Remix by Endon)
Sumac detailed their remix collection Before You I Appear back in September, and ahead of the release's arrival this week, they've shared a reinterpretation of "Image of Control" from Japanese noise outfit Endon.

Endon offered up a lengthy statement on their contribution to the four-track remix collection, dubbed the Tokyodionysis remix. The explanation reads as follows:

The basic structure of our ritual remix led by sound of organ as if it lights a candle, includes at least one excerpt from each individual member.

The beauty and sophistication of Nick's drum play that is consisted of not only his phrase but also his sound wave. When we picked up one of his phrases that is originally not repeated in SUMAC's song, and made a loop with it then we were so surprised by its strength. His drum is machine of flesh body.

Brian's bass has gorgeous jewelry, which is remarkable for his glissando, not only as unison play with guitar or basic riff. We scattered his jewelry on Nick's machine of flesh body.

Aaron Turner is the priest who presides the ritual upon those two strong attributes. At this ritual, his vocalization and emotion is one of a kind. Attendants of the ritual are unsure if he is angry, crying, being tormented or tormenting his attendants.

In the end, ENDON try to release a ghost of improvisation into the basic structure of three individuals, and arrange a ritual uplift with our own Dionysis style.

Before You I Appear arrives December 9 via Thrill Jockey. Hear Endon's remix of "Image of Control" in the player below.