Sulaco Tearing through the Roots

One of the underdogs of the underground extreme tech-metal scene is New York’s Sulaco. Featuring ex-members of the kind of infamous Lethargy, and previously known for having a solid yet somewhat forgettable EP on Relapse, Sulaco have found a comfortable home with Willowtip. And they sound ready to finally blow minds on this album, with a perfect production sound that brings out the great drumming and cool progressive riffs. Dig that cover art too, helping to prove that totally extreme music can be artistic and not just mindless noise. And unlike most of today’s tech-metal bands that run mindlessly in circles, chasing their tails or bangs or bibles or whatever, Sulaco actually sound powerful. Unfortunately, the disc’s downfall is hearing 40-plus minutes of music this intensive and intense is really a workout, and after a while, the band’s power begins to fade. Maybe my ears have just had enough of the technical madness, or maybe stuff like this is better on EPs, but it seems like song is what I’m craving more and more. But hey, that’s just me; Sulaco no doubt are tops at this genre, and one more exciting up-and-coming band for Willowtip to be proud of. (Willowtip)