Sugarplum Miss Twisted

With an ironclad backbone and a ladylike approach to life's little obstacles, Sugarplum forges together her very own brand of country folk tunes. Miss Twisted is the result of Sugarplum's (also known as Emily Fennell) desire to venture beyond the stereotypical confines of the female singer-songwriter genre. The Prince Edward Country, ON native blends the meaty, gritty, ain't-gonna-take-no-slack attitude of country music with the gentler, more passive attitudes associated with folk. Her songs relate stories of past regret, lovers' quarrels and mother/daughter relationships. "Solid Ground" illustrates the strength needed to be brutally honest yet comforting at the same time. Similarly, listening to "Long Gone" and "Trouble At The Border" is like watching Sugarplum let loose a flurry of country boot ninja kicks, all while keeping her pretty white dress in decent order. That's a hard feat to accomplish, especially when you're belting out note after perfect note. (Independent)