Sufjan Stevens Premiering 'Aporia' Live Today

The record's official release has also been bumped to tomorrow
Sufjan Stevens Premiering 'Aporia' Live Today
Asthmatic Kitty has announced plans to release Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams's new album Aporia several days early. The record is now being released tomorrow (March 24) instead of Friday (March 27). Additionally, the label has planned a live listening party for later this afternoon.

Earlier today, the label posted a message to its social media profiles, announcing the record's early release, as well as its plan to donate 50 percent of all proceeds from the record to two COVID-19-related charities: No Kid Hungry and Partners in Health. The label also announced plans to premiere the album on YouTube at 3 p.m. ET today.

Read the label's statement below:

The word "aporia" is Greek in origin, literally meaning "without passage" or "at a loss."

This is a good description of how many of us feel right now.

What is happening? What happens next? What can we do? What now?

We harbor no delusions of grandeur — this record is hardly the most important thing in your world right now — but we also believe that music is sacred and has the ability to bring beauty, wisdom, truth and light to our lives in difficult times. We hope this music can bring you meaning, hope and encouragement today.

Previously, the duo had shared three singles from Aporia"The Unlimited," "The Runaround" and "Climb That Mountain."

The effort — which is touted as "an homage to the beauty and depth of analog sound, and how it can evoke deeply felt human emotions" — is a "New Age" collaboration between Stevens and the artist's stepfather/Asthmatic Kitty label co-founder, Lowell Brams. The record release follows Brams's retirement announcement from earlier this year. It marks the duo's first-ever co-release.

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Tune in below at 3 p.m. ET to listen to the record's live premiere, and scroll down to see the record label's announcement.