Subhumans New Dark Age Parade

While it’s always satisfying to see older punks kicking out brand new jams and not just relying on their old classics to bring out the kids, the results are sometimes a little lacking. Canada’s Subhumans, probably best known to non-punks for bassist Gerry Hannah’s incarceration for his involvement in the bombing of a weapons-systems plant in the mid-’80s, were a consistent and exciting Vancouver-based punk band in their hey-day, sharing members and a sound with such local luminaries as D.O.A.. New Dark Age Parade, however, is no Incorrect Thoughts, with slowed-down tempos and boring melodies littering its 46 minutes. While it would have been great for these songs to sound as good as the gems penned by the same guys in 1982, they just don’t. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)