Yearbook 2

BY Cam LindsayPublished Oct 22, 2008

Studio like the sound of their music. In fact, Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hagg like it so much that when it comes to remixing other artists — something they do often — they basically make every one of them sound like Studio. Following up last year’s stunning Yearbook 1, the aptly named Yearbook 2 works as another collection of odds’n’sods, this time of music they’ve remixed. The two Swedes have a distinct fondness for things Balearic, Krautrock and baggy, and thus have Studio-fied the artists that commissioned them. In many cases what they do is more aligned with cover versions but in the case of Kylie Minogue’s "2 Hearts,” they strip it of everything but her sultry vocals and replace the slick guitars and stomping beat with airy Spanish acoustic guitars and a popping rhythm. Love is All’s "Turn the Radio Off” is as unrecognizable, keeping only the vocals but removing them of their sprightliness and extending the song to ten minutes of polyrhythmic Krautrock. More faithful is "Impossible,” where they keep the skip in countrymen Shout Out Louds’ step, nourishing the hook but using their buoyant percussion to boost the beat’s rebound. No one really enjoys an album of remixes, let’s be honest, but Lissvik and Hagg’s approach of putting their personal stamp on the music redefines what we consider a "remix,” making Yearbook 2 the next best thing to a new Studio studio album.
(Information/Fusion III)

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