Stuck Mojo Declaration of a Headhunter

Declaration of a Headhunter starts off high and mighty, filled with piss and vinegar and big, fat, angry slabs of guitar chugging. The one-two opening punch of "Hatebreed" and "Set The Tone" is, simply put, breathtaking. After that, this record gets lost in a murky soup of dumb-ass conservative politics and pedestrian songwriting. You can feel your neck getting redder during the pointless spoken word parts, which do nothing but reiterate the lyrical rantings of every other song. You will also feel your attention dwindling as the music gets less and less compelling. Tracks like "Raise the Deadman" and "Evilution" envelope some good musical ideas and catchy riffs with plodding generica. Then again, there are songs on here that are just bad ("Drawing Blood," "Give War a Chance," "Feel it Coming Down"). (Century Media)