Stuck Mojo Violate This - 10 Years Of Rarities: 1991-2001

It would appear that these rap metal pioneers are calling it quits. I don't know what tipped me off, this recently released collection of B-sides, covers, rare shit and demo tracks or the fact that each of the members are all in different bands at the moment. Over the latter half of their time on terra firma, Stuck Mojo has increasing proven themselves as a powerful and catchy songwriting tour de force. They moulded the sounds of rap and metal to their advantage, topping off standard beats and rhythms with riffs dripping with infectious hooks and monumental choruses. These guys know how to rock and they're going to worm their way into your cranial structure with the full-on grandeur of "Ten Years," "Revolution" and "Hotlanta." The covers of "Wrathchild" and "Shout at the Devil" and the intro to "Despise" shows a lighter side to the anger expressed in "Hate Must Be A Gift" and "Propaganda." As for the bad ideas? Stuck Mojo are lucky they're breaking up because at least now they won't have to answer for the travesties that are "Mojo Funk" and "Love Has No Color." (Century Media)