The Streets to Release "Painfully Repetitive" Album of Room Recordings

The Streets to Release 'Painfully Repetitive' Album of Room Recordings
Starting last month, a countdown on the Streets' website hinted that the project's next (and possibly last) official LP would be coming out on February 7 -- a surprising date, given that it is a Sunday. Now, the Streets has confirmed that the album, Computers and Blues, will be preceded by an LP of room recordings called Cyberspace and Reds.

Prefix points to a blog post in which Streets mastermind Mike Skinner complains of his boredom, saying that Computers and Blues has been finished for over a year and that the release has been delayed to build hype.

The post reads (mistakes and all): "i've been recording a lot of rooms lately. i can either lie here and just watch james bond or i can get up and make another album from recordings of various rooms. i'll call the album 'cyberspace and reds'. it will be available before 7th febuary. it will be painfully repetitive. there'll be chord changes that have never changed in that way before. the lyrics will make no sense."

Skinner will be recruiting the fans to help him complete parts of the album. He writes, "the album artwork will be the first photo that is tweeted to me after this blog is posted that has anything to do with a computer." The winning entry is posted above.

What's more, he announces, "someone else will tweet me a piece of audio after they read this blog which will form the background of the next song I write, which will be posted on wednesday."

Read the whole thing over at Skinner's blog. It's heavy stuff, as he writes, "im going to watch live and let die so that i don't think about the throbbing sensation engorging my inner soul." Yikes.

Skinner won't be lying around and watching James Bond come 2011, as he will be heading out on tour to promote his new albums. All of the dates currently booked are in the UK. See the schedule below.

Tour dates:

2/18 Edinburgh, UK - Picture House

2/19 Glasgow, UK - ABC

2/20 Lincoln, UK - Engine Room

2/21 Liverpool, UK - Academy

2/23 Oxford, UK - Academy

2/24 Leeds, UK - Academy

2/25 Birmingham, UK - Academy

2/26 Nottingham, UK - Rock City

2/28 Norwich, UK - UEA

3/1 Bristol, UK - Academy

3/3 Manchester, UK - Academy

3/4 Brighton, UK - Dome

3/5 London, UK - Brixton