Stream Rise Against's New LP 'Nowhere Generation'

Hear the punk rock band's first studio album in four years
Stream Rise Against's New LP 'Nowhere Generation'
Still swingin' life away, Rise Against return with Nowhere Generation, out today via Loma Vista Recordings/Universal Music Canada.

They recorded with longtime producer/engineer Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Descendents) —often referred to as the band's fifth member — who has worked on almost all of their releases since 2003's sophomore offering Revolutions Per Minute.

Nowhere Generation presents a communal call-to-arms. The band lament the socioeconomic deck stacked against millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z-ers in pursuit of the mythic American Dream. An anti-establishment ethos fuels the album with a conscious realization of how privilege determines who gets the opportunity to reach out and grab that shiny brass ring — despite the empty promises of hard work and dedication.

Rise Against's Tim McIlrath said in a statement: "I've come to realize that people want honesty and that music can be a catalyst for change. I think in many ways, we've been on a mission to rile people up and I feel very lucky to be able to do that. Our hope on this record is to jostle people awake, even it if makes you uncomfortable."

While the sound is a brazen batch of punk rock guitars and percussion, Rise Against drew lyrical inspiration from input by their fan community, as well as the band members' own young children. This hopeful audience-participation undercurrent swells in the resulting energetic expression of the band's frustration at current social circumstances and desire to see future generations able to really prosper.

As for their own peer group? "We are a credible threat to the rules you set / A cause to be alarmed," McIlrath warns on the anthemic title track — they may be nowhere, but they certainly aren't nobody.

Stream Nowhere Generation below.