Strategy Drumsolo's Delight

Drumsolo’s Delight, the sophomore release from Paul Dickow, is nothing if not subtle. Think of it as "Treefingers” times seven. The disc opens with "Cascadian Nights,” a shimmering ambient haze devoid of bass, drums, or other obvious instrumentation. The title track and others, however, are anchored by a simple dub-laced beat, which bestows a sense of focus to the otherwise ethereal soundscapes. Dickow’s music isn’t so much listened to as it is felt. The closest thing to a human touch is Caro’s crooning on "Walkingtime,” but even that comes across sounding disembodied at best. Meanwhile, tracks like the mysterious, undulating "Final Super Zen” envelop the mind, body, and soul, transporting the listener to a realm just beyond the limits of our physical senses. (Kranky)