Peak Oil Label Launches with Albums from Strategy and Personable

Peak Oil Label Launches with Albums from Strategy and Personable
In addition to working with Kranky Records, electronic renaissance man Brian Foote leads the genre-bending collective Nudge and has served as a touring member of Atlas Sound, among other endeavours. Now, the musical busybody is co-launching his own label, Peak Oil, along with friend Brion Paul.

The label is kicking off with two new 12-inches. The first is from Portland electro whiz Strategy, who will drop a self-titled album on September 25. Described in a press release as a "dub kraut disco-not-disco masterpiece," this seven-song collection promises to be "bass-heaving, post-punk-tinged pop."

Strategy's website notes that this is his first album to feature significant input from guest musicians, and it will be available on vinyl in a limited run of 300 copies.

Also on September 25, the label will release Spontaneous Generation by Personable, the techno alias of Los Angeles musician M. Geddes Gengras. The record consists of three songs that clock in at around 40 minutes in total, so you can expect some epic-length tracks of "raw, epic, blisteringly melodic, ultimately psychedelic minimal techno."

This record will also be limited to 300 vinyl copies.

You can currently pre-order both releases directly from Peak Oil and check out the tracklists below.

Strategy - Strategy:

A1. Sugar Drop

A2. Objects of Desire

A3. Another Rain

A4. Baby Fever
B1. Friends and Machines

B2. Saturn's Day

B3. Dilemmas

Personable - Spontaneous Generation:

A1. Spontaneous Generation

B1. Billions of Christic Atoms

B2. Series of Energies