Strange Attractor "Anything," / "Escape from DMT" / "Feel Like Total Shit" on Exclaim! TV

Strange Attractor 'Anything,' / 'Escape from DMT' / 'Feel Like Total Shit' on Exclaim! TV
Last July, Sudbury, ON's Strange Attractor stopped by Sackville, NB to throw down their signature psyched-out garage punk sound at Sappyfest 10. They took to the Thunder & Lightning bowling alley to share some tracks off their explosive 2013 LP, Back To The Cruel World.

Punk rock vet Jeff Houle and his band brought performances of "Anything," "Escape from DMT" and "Feel Like Total Shit" to the bowling alley with bold vocals and raw guitar riffs for our latest collaborative episode of Exclaim! TV x Pinball Sessions. Watch below as they make their reflective, pessimistic lyrics sound all too enticing with those sweet retro vibes.

Filmed by Daniel Cooper and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio recorded by James Anderson
Audio mixed by Dan Beeson
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Thunder & Lightning in Sackville, NB