​Stranded Bruce Springsteen Rescued by Gang of Bikers in New Jersey

​Stranded Bruce Springsteen Rescued by Gang of Bikers in New Jersey
New Jersey everyman (and ultimate excuse for missing class) Bruce Springsteen took his motorcycle out for a spin to enjoy the late fall weather this weekend, but things took an eventful turn before he made it home in one piece.
Bike troubles left the rock star stranded at the side of the road on near his hometown of Freehold, NJ, Friday night (November 11) — but thankfully, some friendly vets from a local legion were in the area and able to help him out.

A group of bikers had celebrated Veterans Day at the Freehold American Legion and were out for a ride when they came across a motorcyclist in need by Allaire State Park in the township of Wall, NJ.
"Bikers gotta stick together," Dan Barkalow said [via the Associated Press]. "I stopped to see if he needed help, and it was Bruce."
When they couldn't get the Boss's bike back in working order, he hopped on the back of another guy's ride and went to grab some brews at a nearby bar.
"We sat there and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up," Barkalow said. "Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days."
Ryan Bailey, whose bike Springsteen rode on, added: "It was nice to help out. One Freehold person helping out another."

Sadly, once the heartwarming story made its way online via the Freehold American Legion Monmouth Post 54's Facebook page, the comment section flared up.

In an attempt to quell the fired-up trolls spewing insults at each other and their political candidates, the legion has had to post an update to the original message, urging commenters to "stop the hate."

It all sounds like the plot to an epic Springsteen song, so hopefully the Boss already has that one in the works. He certainly has a better track record penning tunes about life in the U.S. of A. than about adventures at Hogwarts.

Who knows, it may even warrant a sequel to the singer's recently released autobiography Born to Run.