Stone Sour Stone Sour

"I think I can, I think I can." That should be the motto for Stone Sour. The band began over a decade ago but after a long hard struggle to find their place in the current music scene, the group disbanded. Years later, after all the members had moved on (including Corey Taylor and Jim Root, who joined a little group called Slipknot), some songs surfaced that demanded the reconvening of the members. The result, in the self-titled debut album, is a disc with just enough ingenuity to keep it fresh. "Inhale" is an excellent track featuring Taylor's subtle vocal style that proves that there is still a place for the slower tempo ballad tracks on a hard rock record. "Bother" borrows a guitar style that is more frequently heard on blues rock records, but overall Stone Sour is true to its modern rock sound. As a result, they don't put a lot of effort into selling themselves and their sound. Unfortunately, there are places on the disc where that really shows. (Roadrunner)