The Stone Roses Sign Deals with Universal and Columbia

The Stone Roses Sign Deals with Universal and Columbia
We still can't believe that it's actually happening, but the Stone Roses reunion is officially on. Not only have the long-absent British rockers confirmed plans to play shows in 2012, but they've even set their sights on releasing new material. Now, we're one step closer to getting a new Stone Roses album in our hands, since the group just signed a record deal.

In an update on Facebook, the band announced that they have signed with Universal Music in the UK and Columbia Records in North America.

While this doesn't guarantee that they'll be putting out a new LP, it does suggest that they're planning to put something on the shelves before long. Singer Ian Brown previously told the Guardian, "We hope to put out a new album of new music. But I can't say. It's like a language we all used to speak and we ain't spoke for a while."

If and when this new album does arrive, it will be the group's third full-length overall, and their first since 1994's Second Coming, which was infamously a disappointment after 1989's classic self-titled debut.

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