Stingers ATX This Good Thing

It's a sad reflection on the state of the North American ska scene when a solid group like the Stingers ATX has to go all the way to Germany to get their record released. Nevertheless, Stingers ATX received the best production that North American ska has to offer, with Victor Rice taking the helm as producer for their first release on Germany's Grover label. This Good Thing is a trad/ska album in the vein of another one of best in North American ska: the Slackers. Indeed, it will be hard for the Stingers to shake this comparison, as many of their songs could be taken right off of The Question. Goddamn if it doesn't work though and the Stingers are the best traditional ska band to come onto the scene in a long, long time - strong songs, excellent vocal harmonies and some dabbling in soul and dub make for a well-rounded CD. This Good Thing is worth a pick up if you're a fan of ska, even if the music had to travel to foreign shores before it returned home. (Grover)