Sting Self-Identifies as a "Heavy Metal Singer"

De do do do, de da da da

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Nov 23, 2021

When Sting steps in front of the microphone, every breath he takes is in preparation to unleash... a growling scream? The former Police frontman has now said he would classify himself as a "heavy metal singer."

In a new interview with industry veteran Rick Beato for his Everything Music YouTube channel and guitarist Dominic Miller, the apparent metalhead discussed his vocal stylings and why it was important for him to sing in a higher register with the Police.

"[Vocal] register is interesting," Sting mused. "Most heavy metal singers sing up there, so I'm a heavy metal singer — but I have a little more melody."

He continued: "It's the same [kind of thing]; to get above the noise of the band you need that register. You can't be a baritone with a rock band, really."

Elaborating on his approach as a vocalist, the musician explained trying to channel how "a sergeant major would scream and yell on the parade ground." Okay, military-industrial complex (the band name is making more and more sense).

"You know why? Because they had to get over the sound of artillery in battle; charge or retreat," Sting added. "They needed to be heard. Singers have the same need."

What's the sense in telling Roxanne she doesn't have to put on that dress tonight if she doesn't hear you?

The rocker's reasoning in terms of register and seeing barking out commands in battle as an inspiration actually makes sense. Is it a stretch stylistically, or is it time to start looping Sting in with metal greats like James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and Corey Taylor?

Put on a yellow light, at least.

Watch the full interview below.

Last week, Sting released his latest solo effort The Bridge.

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