Steve Miller Band

Live in Chicago

BY Chris AyersPublished Jul 24, 2008

In deference to his slew of Top Ten singles from the ’70s and ’80s, Steve Miller hasn’t recorded a new album in 15 years. Now well into his 60s, the Space Cowboy can still wail on his Stratocaster, though his voice holds up better on the handful of blues chestnuts that he covers on Live from Chicago. This three-disc collection, including a CD of most of the set, has been featured as a PBS special in support of their summer fund drive. If the save-the-Earth rap midway through an already shoddy "Fly like an Eagle” is any indication of the nostalgic sap exuded here, then nothing says "classic rock” like the requisite beret-wearing gray hair on the maracas. Bonuses include a too-brief documentary, photo gallery and myriad close-ups of dancing women in the audience.
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