Stereolab "Might Take It to the Studio Once Again," Says Laetitia Sadier

Stereolab 'Might Take It to the Studio Once Again,' Says Laetitia Sadier
Last year, Stereolab's manager posted a message stating that the band were going on a "hiatus/sabbatical/pause/intermission/breather." During this time, however, the band managed to pull out a new album, Not Music, which is set to drop on November 16 via Drag City.

On top of that, singer Laetitia Sadier used the break, split, hiatus, whatever you call it to launch her long-awaited solo career. Last week, she released the Exclaim!-approved The Trip. But according to Sadier, her former band are not totally toast just yet.

In an interview with Exclaim!, the chanteuse explained that despite their manager's note, Stereolab still exist - for the time being.

"The new LP is the second part, or as I describe it, the 'night side' of our last LP, Chemical Chords," Sadier says. "The band haven't split up officially, but Andy [Ramsay], our drummer, quit at the end of the last tour. If and when Tim [Gane] is ready to write some new Lab material, then we might take it to the studio once again."

Sadier said that Not Music came from a vast collection of songs they wrote and recorded for Chemical Chords.

"We wrote 35 songs in 2008, selected from a previous 54, which took nine months to complete - from composing to final recording and mixing. The first batch of songs became Chemical Chords and the second batch from the same recording sessions is Not Music.

While the material may have come from the same sessions, Sadier adds that even though it may be a companion, it has its differences, which include an Atlas Sound remix.

"I really like it; it is my real Chemical Chords!" she said. "There are two very interesting and beautiful remixes of 'Silver Sands' and 'Neon Beanbag' by Emperor Machine and Atlas Sound, which cohabit well and expand the record into other dimensions. I like its generally darker and more fluid quality. I find it haunting, shining softly upon a deep blue velvet background."