Stereo Total Baby Ouh!

Making it all the way through the 17 tracks on Stereo Total's ninth album, Baby Ouh!, requires a high tolerance for kitschy Euro pop excess. The German/French duo revel in all things trashy and tacky, piling caffeine-addled synths on top of giddy dance beats and campy, thickly accented vocals. The lyrics alternate between the band members' native German and French, as well as English, Spanish and Japanese. The words (when they're sung in English) are so baffling that it's difficult to know whether they're a result of poor translation or just a sly sense of irony. On opening track "Hello Ladies," singer Fran├žoise Cactus takes on the persona of a washroom attendant, announcing, "The pennies ring on the porcelain/A naked leg, a naked butt." For folks who worshipped the B-52s in the '80s and The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the '70s, Baby Ouh! just might be the schlock pop fix you're looking for. (Dare To Care)