Statues Same Bodies, Same Faces

There probably aren’t a better band playing this kind of genuine, classic-sounding pop punk in Canada today. Melding the melodic sensibility of the Buzzcocks or the first Clash record with some thoroughly modern vocal deviations (check out the utterly brilliant conclusion of "Distance/Duration” for definitive proof of this band’s originality), the four tracks contained on this seven-inch are guaranteed to please fans of modern practitioners of hooky ’77-style punk, although the quality of songwriting demonstrated on the three original songs (the band also tackles G.G. Allin’s "Dead or Alive”) are just as likely to entice fans of Green Day as fans of the Briefs. It can be pretty easy to just emulate the bands you admire and still please a lot of people who want to imagine that 1977 never ended, but Statues consistently push themselves into new sonic territory, resulting in some truly exciting music. (Deranged)