A Static Lullaby Rattlesnake!

Somewhere between And Don’t Forget To Breathe and Faso Latido, A Static Lullaby made the decision to go from a hardcore screamo act to a band that wanted to find mainstream success. Rattlesnake! may not be the bubblegum, polished pop album to get them played all over the radio or make Billboard’s top 20 but it does see the band heading towards a Story of the Year/My Chemical Romance style of overall socially accepted music. "Scavenger” is more in the vein of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge then The Black Parade, playing on some swift guitar work and driving pop rhythms that fill in Joe Brown’s two-faced vocals wonderfully. This album isn’t a complete shot at going pop from the Chino Hills foursome though, as the title track is A Static Lullaby returning to their roots as a band that can lay down fast-paced hardcore sounds with rock rhythms and polish it up with glossy choruses. This album ends on a great note with "Toxic,” yup, a Britney Spears cover, which is done with great musicianship and vocal range. Did someone say poppy? Rattlesnake! fits the band’s progression perfectly, keeping a little bit of substance underneath the surface so they can cover up on the rest. (Fearless)