Starring Janet Leigh Plan Life On the Road

Starring Janet Leigh Plan Life On the Road
As we previously reported, Toronto-based technical metal band Starring Janet Leigh are planning to release their debut full-length Spectrum, via Metal Blade's sub-label Ironclad Recordings on May 12. Like most bands in their situation, they plan to hit the road ad nauseam as soon as they can to spread the word.

"A lot of people are just starting to hear about us right now across North America, so the big thing for us right now is trying to get as much touring time as we can this year," says Matt Zadkovich, guitarist and founding member of SJL, in a recent interview with Exclaim!.

Although the death metal/hardcore/modern jazz band has recently inked a deal with Ironclad, Zadkovich says things are still very DIY for the band, and he's been working on getting SJL onto tours. "The first thing we're doing is a tour across Ontario and Quebec, then north-eastern United States, and at some point hopefully a full North American tour."

Zadkovich says fans of the band can expect "absolute intensity" from SJL's live performance. "I think everybody in the band has a gift for their instrument, it's a necessity to play technical music," he explains. "It comes down to hard work -€“ we practice three to five days a week -€“ so as far as our live show is concerned, I think we perform the album pretty close to what's on the record."

While the entirety of their touring schedule has yet to be announced, the band have the following Ontario dates in May lined up:

5/15 London, ON - Call The Office

5/23 Toronto, ON - Kathedral (CD release show)

5/29 Windsor, ON - Chubby Pickle

5/30 Woodstock, ON - Shades Of Green

Be sure to check out the feature on Starring Janet Leigh in the May issue of Exclaim!, out Tuesday, April 28.