The Standstills 'From the Devil's Porch' (EP stream)

The Standstills 'From the Devil's Porch' (EP stream)
Hailing from Oshawa, ON, the Standstills are set to unveil their new EP From the Devil's Porch next week, but Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear it in its entirety right now.
The musical duo and real-life couple have eschewed building up a hokey backstory  in favour of letting the music speak for itself — and it does so best at a high volume. The forthcoming six-song set showcases the band's penchant for hard-hitting blues-rock from the opening blast of scorching guitars and furious drums on "The Road," through the EP's cowbell-heavy lead single "Orleans" and right up to the electrically charged stomp-along closer "Rise of the Fall."
A press release describes the offering as a "six-pack of juke-joint hoodoo, British blues bombast, cowbell-thwack boogie and modern-rock swagger," replete with thundering percussion and non-stop riffage.
"This time it's more focused," said singer/guitarist Jonny Fox in a statement. "Instead of putting every idea we had into a song, we have one idea and dig into it. And that idea is to rock."
From the Devil's Porch is out on August 21 through eOne Music.  Hit play below to get the raucous rock'n'roll party started a week early.