St. Vincent Is a 'Fortnite' Player Now

"I should warn you that I'm not very good"
St. Vincent Is a 'Fortnite' Player Now
Earlier this year, St. Vincent picked up a Nintendo Switch console for her film role in The Nowhere Inn, and after putting in 300 hours on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, she has now taken up playing Fortnite.

Yesterday (October 4), Annie Clark joined gamer/comedian Abby Russell on Giant Bomb for an hour of games, fulfilling a four-month journey of Russell's to have the artist join her Fortnite party after discovering she was into the wildly popular title.

Over the hour, Clarke speaks with Russell about playing Nintendo and SEGA titles growing up before coming back to gaming as an adult. "I should warn you that I'm not very good," Clarke admited of her Fortnite skills. "I play a lot but I'm not good…as long as the expectation is set."

Weighing in on the slate of new systems due to arrive this year, Clarke shared, "I've been toying with the PS5 situation, which obviously I know it's not out yet but I've been wondering how far down the rabbit hole I should go."

 Clarke added that she's entered the world of VR: "I also recently got an Oculus, which aside from the nausea, it gives me is really fun."

You can watch the pair drop in to battle below.

Earlier this year, Clarke remixed Beck's "Uneventful Days" and more recently reworked "New York" with X Japan's Yoshiki.