Spookey Ruben "Dizzy Playground Live!" (live videos) (ft. Damian Abraham)

Spookey Ruben 'Dizzy Playground Live!' (live videos) (ft. Damian Abraham)
Every month, Spookey Ruben hosts a "Dizzy Playground Live!" variety show in Toronto, mixing music, sketch comedy and videos. The next one takes place on December 17 at the Rivoli, and to give you a taste of what to expect, we've got some videos from a past instalment.

One of the three clips shows Spookey Ruben and Fucked Up's Damian Abraham fronting up a growl-filled cover of the Beatles' "Lady Madonna." The two also team up for dark comedy sketch called "Cattlemen's Beef Meat Market," and Spookey does his own sketch called "Baby Head."

Watch the clips below. These come from October's variety show.