Spider-Verses: A Playlist for Every Spider-Man in 'Into the Spider-Verse'

Well, plus Spider-Women and a Spider-Pig
Spider-Verses: A Playlist for Every Spider-Man in 'Into the Spider-Verse'
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse isn't a musical, but music is important to it. The fact that main character Miles Morales is into hip-hop music and culture shapes at least one key plot point; if he wasn't into tagging, he wouldn't have been in the right place at the right time to get bitten by a spider. It got us thinking about what the other Spider-Beings listen to. 
It goes without saying that this article will include plot points, so consider that warning before you wade into this spoiler-verse. If you've yet to see it, you can get it digitally now and on Blu-ray/DVD March 19.
Miles Morales of E-1610

As a hip-hop fan, Miles' taste propelled the movie's soundtrack. He listens to the first single ("Sunflower" by Post Malone and Swae Lee) multiple times throughout the film, but simply selecting tracks off the soundtrack would be a cop-out. Seeing as he's the main character of the film and his taste in music is established, we don't even need to really delve into his comic history to explain what he listens to.
Kendrick Lamar – "u"
Miles starts out Into the Spider-Verse doubting himself, as he goes from public to private school, and it somehow gets worse after he gets his spider powers. Fortunately, by the end of the movie he's a little bit more "i," the empowering counterpart to this bouncy bummer.
Run DMC – "Mary, Mary"
Uncle Aaron puts this track on while tagging with Miles. Sure, the kid gets bitten and gains his powers during this escapade, but that's not why this song becomes special to him. After his uncle, then dressed as alter-ego the Prowler, gets shots shot to death by the Kingpin, this song serves as a reminder of the good times he had with his favourite relative.
Chance the Rapper – "Blessings (Reprise)"
A poster for Chance's Coloring Book adorns Miles' dorm wall — sort of. The number on the MC's hat levels up from a 3 to a 4, since this is an alternate universe. Initially we were going to select Acid Rap track "Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro)," which thanks the rapper's father, but Spotify doesn't have that mixtape so we're going with "Blessings (Reprise)." The song is still plenty grateful, it it can now extend beyond his dad to include his newfound Spider-Friends and the powers that connected them.
The Weeknd – "True Colors"
Another alternate universe reference, there's a billboard featuring an album by Abel Tesfaye that plays off the artwork of Starboy and the name of Kiss Land. Gwen Stacy shows her "True Colors" to Morales when he learns she's not just another cute classmate, but a Spider-Person.
Childish Gambino – "This Is America"
Donald Glover has long on the fan-community wish list to play Spider-Man, even before Miles Morales was introduced in August 2011. Since then he's voiced that character in an animated Ultimate Spider-Man series and portrayed his Uncle Aaron in both 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming and this film. Miles is Afro-Latino, and although Spider-Verse didn't breach the race issue, the comics have. It's all too appropriate that Gambino is the soundtrack for our hero's struggles with that given Glover's importance in the push for a non-white Spider-Man.

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