Tommy Lee Reposts NSFW Selfie to Instagram, This Time as Art

Painted by none other than Ziva Barett, wife of Cannibal Corpse's guitarist

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Aug 15, 2022

After his full-frontal nude generated headlines (and controversy) last week, Tommy Lee has reposted an artful reworking of the photo painted by Ziva Barett, wife of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barett. 

The colourful painting of the nude was originally posted to Ziva Barett's account, with the caption "When Tommy Lee 'hands' you a dick pic, you don't ask questions, you grab a (big 😁) canvas instead and get to work 😆🤘🎨." Lee has since reposted the photo to his account, circumventing the Instagram censorship guidelines that got the original dick pic removed. 

The original pic — which remains on Twitter — has sparked discussion about double standards concerning men and women posting their bodies online. Cosmopolitan pointed out that Lee's photo stayed up on Instagram for hours, while women who post tamer body pics will have their content removed within seconds. 

Barett has since posted a second, greyscale version of the painting. Prints of both paintings are available on her Etsy shop.

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