Speedy Ortiz "Swell Content" (video)

Speedy Ortiz 'Swell Content' (video)
After recently unveiling a hotline promoting concert safety, indie-pop project Speedy Ortiz are now taking a light-hearted look at the summer camp scene. You'll find them rocking an arty crowd in their video for "Swell Content."

The clip initially finds the band being scolded by an instructor for their seeming lack of art skills. They thrive onstage, though, and thrill the rest of the camp with a performance of the bubblegum-sweet single. "I am not averse to getting salt in my face," Sadie Dupuis sings on the song, offering up a try-harder sentiment.

Also on display are a series of talented teen painters, weavers and metal workers, all of whom are more than ready to show off their wares. It turns out that teacher might not have been such a drag, either.

You'll find all that and a communal Fruit Loop munching down below, courtesy of Jezebel.