Speedy Ortiz "Raising the Skate" (video)

Speedy Ortiz 'Raising the Skate' (video)
Northampton, MA, indie rock outfit Speedy Ortiz have shared a new video for "Raising the Skate."
The track appears on the band's recently released Foil Deer LP, and although we've already seen the band do the song live on Exclaim! TV, it gets some new life breathed into it courtesy of the new clip.
It features the band traipsing through a haunted house, riffing on familiar horror flick clichés — so it's no surprise that things take a dark, downward turn pretty quickly for the group.
Watch the spooky, Casey Herz-directed video for "Raising the Skate" in the player below. Foil Deer is out now via Carpark Records.