Speedealer Here Comes Death

Here Comes Death came out last year on Royalty records and after that label went tits up, Palm saw a golden opportunity to get on the Speedealer tip. It's an ultra tight, adrenaline-soaked punk rock heavy metal album with no fancy gimmicks or shtick. One of the hardest working bands out there today, these Texans played over 300 live dates in the last year, and that kind of determination and intensity is apparent in every note of this record. Even though these cats can just steam-roll you with speed, as they do with class on "Hit It And Run" and "Hate You Better," they utilise almost all tempos and styles available to them within the heavy music world, heard in the roller coaster ride of "Cream/#1" and the following instrumental "Sasparilla." Other mind-blowing numbers include the chilling "Dealer's Choice" and the crushing "Drink Me Dead." By far the tightest and heaviest of the current crop of hard rock revivalists, Speedealer are also the most creative as well. An absolutely kick ass album. (Rykopalm)