Speedealer Burned Alive

Any fan of heavy music who lives anywhere on the planet earth has at one time in the last few years seen Speedealer play live. Why is that, you ask? Because they tour non-stop and play over 250 shows a year all over the world, often on bills with Motörhead, Nashville Pussy and Fu Manchu. In short, playing live and touring is what these teeth-gnashing Texas freaks are all about. Recorded and mixed in NYC by über-producer/heavy guitar dude/fifth Ramone Daniel Rey at CBGB in July 2003, what’s not to like here? All the crushing hits are present and accounted for on this package, with "Hit It And Run,” "Kill Myself,” "Second Sight" and the awesome "Cream #1" all sounding like a rabid dog with its back up against the wall making its last stand. Always tighter and meaner sounding on stage than any band around, check this album to hear them busting it out a surgical strike-style in the comfort of your own meth lab. (Radical)