Spectrals Calls It Quits

Spectrals Calls It Quits
Over the last few years, British songwriter Louis Jones has recorded a pair of albums under the name Spectrals, but he has now announced that the project has come to an end.

This morning (September 11) on Twitter, he wrote, "I've decided to quit doing music as Spectrals. All upcoming shows are cancelled…"

He then added, "…Thank you for all the support and kind words over the years ! :-)"

From this, it's unclear whether Jones will be quitting music for good, or if he's simply abandoned the Spectrals moniker. Considering that Spectrals is essentially a solo vehicle, it's a little confusing that he would need to announce the project's end and cancel all shows, but it's entirely possible that he will continue making music under a new name.

This news comes just a few months after he released the sophomore LP Sob Story through Slumberland/Wichita.

You can see the list of affected shows over here, though all are in the UK and Europe.