Spectrals Announces Debut Slumberland LP

Spectrals Announces Debut Slumberland LP
Try to ignore the plural moniker -- Spectrals is the work of one man, British 21-year-old phenom Louis Jones. Like so many upstart indie stars these days, he started off by posting his homespun tracks on MySpace and soon drew some label attention. This fall, he will release his debut LP, plus a seven-inch single, through the venerated Slumberland Records.

The full-length is called Bad Penny and it was recorded with Wild Beats producer Richard Formby. According to a press release, "Jones's knack for penning a great tune is more obvious than ever." He recorded nearly all of the instruments on the album himself, with his brother Will on drums.

None of the songs come from his previous releases, and they serve as a document of his relationship with his girlfriend, "from the great to the not-so-good."

In a statement, Jones explained, "Love songs are the kind of songs I like. Not all of them are nice, but they're all feelings I've had."

The album track "Big Baby" is embedded at the bottom of this page.

The album drops on October 25. Two weeks before, on October 11, Spectrals will release the single "Get a Grip."

Speaking of the single, Jones explained, "I thought I'd try and do more upbeat, 'slick' material, like a lot of the '70s soul I'm into. 'Get a Grip' is that, but in the lyrics, I'm just going on at myself. I make myself miserable and I can't help it."

The UK release will be handled by Wichita Recordings.

Spectrals - Big Baby by Wichita Recordings