Spectrals Announces Sophomore Album Produced by Girls' Chet "JR" White

Spectrals Announces Sophomore Album Produced by Girls' Chet 'JR' White
Now that Girls have broken up and songwriter Christopher Owens has gone solo, the band's Chet "JR" White is free to take on new projects — namely, producing the next album from British indie upstart Spectrals.

This sophomore album from songwriter Louis Jones is called Sob Story, and it follows his 2011 debut Bad Penny. Like that album, it will arrive in our continent through Slumberland Records on June 18. The UK release will be handled by Wichita.

See the album cover above and the tracklist below. For a taste of Sob Story, scroll to the bottom of the page to hear the stomping pop number "Sob Story."

Jones explained the song with a statement on SoundCloud:

This came out of a deep studio session that went on until half 5 in the morning. We started with a really straight pop song but JR worked up all this beautiful noise whilst I was playing through the chords in the live room, he hadn't sent any of it to my headphones so when I got up and went into the control room and heard what he had done I was floored. I seem to remember he thought I wouldn't like it but I was made up! We ended up putting electric sitars and all sorts on it. There is noises on this that I don't even recall having anything to do with. I don't think this is psychedelic but it is druggy, I like how it slips in and out of been a pop song, all credit to JR for that. I got Will to do that drum bit at the beginning because I desperately want to have songs on Sky Sports adverts and I want to go on <.i>Soccer AM.

Sob Story:

1. Let Me Cave In
2. A Heartbeat Behind
3. Milky Way
4. Friend Zone
5. Sob Story
6. Limousine
7. Gentle
8. Karaoke
9. In a Bad Way
10. Something to Cry About
11. Blue Whatever
12. Keep Your Magic Out of My House