Sparks Announce 21st Album Details

Sparks Announce 21st Album Details
Thirty-eight years into their career, the Brothers Mael are on the verge of releasing Exotic Creatures Of The Deep, which, remarkably, will mark the 21st record by Sparks. On May 19, the album will hit the shops, with pre-orders for the 13-track full-length going up for sale yesterday both as a limited-edition, Japanese wallet-style CD with a poster booklet, and as a plain, old jewel case.

As previously reported, the album comes in preparation for the highly anticipated Sparks Spectacular, where duo Russell and Ron Mael will play a 21 night residency in London. Starting May 16 each night they will perform one of their albums in its entirety, ending the run on June 13 with the live premier of Exotic Creatures Of The Deep.

Also making the Sparks Spectacular all the more spectacular, the band has allowed fans to become "sponsors” through placing bids on an online auction, which closed earlier this week. Also, Sparks has set a contest via YouTube looking for opening acts for each night of the residency.

The sponsors and openers have yet to be announced, but here is the tracklisting for Exotic Creatures Of The Deep, which can be ordered now at Townsend Records:

1 Intro
2 Good Morning
3 Strange Animal
4 I Can’t Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song
5 Let The Monkey Drive
6 Intro Reprise
7 I’ve Never Been High
8 (She Got Me) Pregnant
9 Lighten Up, Morrissey
10 This Is The Renaissance
11 The Director Never Yelled ‘Cut’
12 Photoshop
13 Likeable