Spark Lights The Friction Cocaine Honeymoon

Despite a rather bizarre title, Cocaine Honeymoon, Spark Lights The Friction's debut for Hex Records (the record releasing altar-ego of hardcore/metal journal Hanging Like A Hex) is a frighteningly catchy affair, which grows upon the listener with each spin. Combining emo riffs and vocals with a metal/hardcore slant, large doses of rock, some intentionally awkward riff phrasings and a penchant for Quicksand/Helmet like grooves and noise, Spark Lights The Friction possesses a sound that easily crosses musical boundaries, making Trustkill's recent signing of them seem like something of a coup. No where is this more ably demonstrated than in opener "Crazy Ivan," which starts with a brooding Quicksand riff before upping the tempo and succumbing to the rock. "Solilocuy," which rides a faster pace, urgent in its almost punk-like delivery, is another insanely catchy track, fusing all the aforementioned elements into a simply infectious tune and "Dream Apnea" takes a more emoting and reflective approach, but is still laden with energy and sing-along opportunities. If anything, Cocaine Honeymoon lacks in the production department, as some parts may have benefited from a little extra work sonically, but the rough-hewn quality suffuses Cocaine Honeymoon with a charm that may be intrinsic to Spark's appeal. Regardless, Cocaine Honeymoon is an excellent release, despite its rather dubious title. (Hex)