Sound Providers An Evening with the Sound Providers

It’s becoming a common practice to make mention of the golden age of hip-hop when it comes to a certain crop of young producers who were raised on the likes of Pete Rock and Prince Paul. With the amount of "innovative” mainstream producers and cats trying to push the envelope, it’s refreshing to hear the likes of the Sound Providers showing that there’s still life to be found in dusty jazz records. Jason Skills and Soulo have pieced together an impressive effort that’s bound to get them a lot of much-deserved attention and requests to craft beats for hungry MCs. An Evening is a smooth blend of instrumentals and interludes, but it’s the full-on lyrical excursions from heavyweights such as Wee Bee Foolish, the Procussions and label-mates Little Brother that make you take notice and give more life to the Sound Providers’ craftsmanship. As great as it is to feel like you’ve transported ten years back when you hear these beats drop, it does seem to wear a little thin as the record progresses, sometimes making you wish for a little more diversity or just a total head banger track to surprise you. Still, there’s a reason why buzz is circulating this duo after some promising singles and those looking for a solid hip-hop record won’t be disappointed — just don’t expect to hear the ground break. (ABB)