The Sound of Animals Fighting The Ocean and the Sun

Long story short: the Sound of Animals Fighting are a band made up of a bunch of dudes from other bands making way stranger music than they get to make in their day jobs. Led by Rich Balling, formerly of the Rx Bandits, the Sound of Animals Fighting have, at various times, included members of Circa Survive, Never Heard of It, the Autumns, Chiodos, Days Away and Finch, and boasted artwork courtesy of Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). They released one really good, bizarre, prog, emo, rock, etc. EP, one really bad super-experimental record and now this, a truly great and strange album that mixes speedy, Daughters-y passages with droning interludes and uncomfortable melodic moments that create a truly jarring sonic experience. If you found your interest piqued by the band’s earliest work and then thought they totally lost the plot, this is the weird, satisfying album they seemed to be promising at their inception. (Epitaph)