Soulo Man, the Manipulator

Soulo, comprised of duo Shawn King and Nate Flanigan, mix psycheledica, bluegrass, ambient techno and wash it all down with copious doses of pills and whiskey. Man, the Manipulator stretches conventional notions of both time and music, continually mutating from jazz to electronica, down-tempo to blues, and pop to avant-garde. With so many elements thrown together, from the schizophrenic, genre-bending "The Pursuit of Loneliness” to the pure orchestral elegance of "The Peter Plan,” Man, the Manipulator is a surprisingly cohesive whole. Between the glitchy noises and layered harmonies lie astonishingly beautiful reveries that echo the Beta Band’s wild eclecticism and the Flaming Lips’ otherworldly charm. (Plug Research)