Soul G & Tony Match Pineapple Corner

Pineapple Corner saunters between retro grooves, soulful nu-jazz and bass laden hip-hop tracks. Opening with the ’60s-flavoured light and junglified rhythms of "Grass Track,” Soul G & Tony Match’s first few numbers are befitting of an Austin Powers soundtrack. Leaving the ’60s hit parade on the tail end of the soul jazz number "Mystical Circle,” the duo move in to jazzy hip-hop beats and vocals, heavy scratches and moody dub inflected trip-hop, which flavours the rest of the album. The latent nu-jazz sophistication is occasionally broken up by the odd Tosca-like filler track such as the forgettable "Easy Fly” and the go nowhere loop "Rice Island.” However, and well worth the wait, Soul G & Tony Match come into their own in the last three tracks. The dark and heavy jazz tinged "Difficulties” is an album highlight as is "On The Mic.” The out and out jazz finale, "Pineapple Corner,” is a brilliant close and any prior musical unevenness is redeemed by the album’s overall well-polished and soulful charm. (Milan)