Soul Clap Soul Clap

Soul Clap  Soul Clap
Soul Clap's sophomore effort is a collaboration-heavy, funk-house journey that doesn't disappoint. Working with a deep bench of funk veterans and newcomers via their recent alliance with none other than Funkadelic's George Clinton, the album is brimming with energy and chemistry. Although some later tracks could be labeled missteps, the performances therein are still compelling, and the album's natural enthusiasm carries it. 
Soul Clap opens impressively, front-loaded with its grooviest tracks. Serviceable but forgettable intro aside, everything up to and including first single "Shine (This is It)" bounces and flows with an infectious vitality. The robotic funk of "Synthesizer Girlfriend" and the horn-and-synth workout of the aforementioned "Shine" stand out, but there is no shortage of memorable moments, as Soul Clap are not afraid to diverge from expected house music structures to allow their instrumental sections time to grow and develop — all while wielding a superb arsenal of vintage synth settings. 
Things become a bit more uneven from that point. "Numb," "Timespent" and "B.O.G." are all solid efforts that nonetheless pale in comparison to the more outstanding cuts here. Luckily, album closer "Funk Bomb" conjures some of the album's earlier energy, and ends things on a high note. Yet even with a little filler, Soul Clap remains an excellent second album, full of fun and funky collaboration. (!K7 / Crew Love)