Sorrey In Full Bloom

Sorrey In Full Bloom
Sorrey's debut full-length is unapologetically colourful. This P.E.I. dream-pop group — which features members of Paper Lions and Coyote — have infused the bedroom-shoegaze sensibilities of their debut EP, 2015's Thick as Thieves, with celebratory synth-scapes on In Full Bloom. This result is a dense, infectious album of songs primed for celebratory dancing.
Emilee Sorrey's lyrics on this album are all about both the tenuousness and beauty of human relationships. While some of the tracks, like hazy opener "Baby" and bouncy single "Talking to Them," explore the burnout of romantic relationships (with lyrics like "maybe I should stop checking texts and phone calls, maybe give it a rest"), the album feels most at home when it's celebrating connection. Sorrey's vocal melody playfully dances on the optimistic chorus of "Full Bloom," a reassurance of growth in times to come. This positivity is also evident on the sonically complex "Signs," which features the repeated line "you are me and I am you" over several synth layers, guitar feedback and a persistent drum and bass groove.
At the heights of In Full Bloom, Sorrey marry the vibey fog of Beach House with the punch of an M83 single. This is most evident on "Fast Chunk," with layering keys shimmering over a popping bass line on its immaculate, funky chorus. These innovative peaks make certain mid-tempo pieces, like "Go Get Ahead" and "Recalibrate," feel lacklustre by comparison.
Nonetheless, the strength of all these pieces is their connective sonic tissue and impressive production that makes it joyful listening experience. In Full Bloom establishes Sorrey as one of the more exciting East coast bands to watch as they continue to cultivate their unique brand of heartfelt pop. (Garment District)