Sonic Avenues

Television Youth

BY Nicole VilleneuvePublished Jan 29, 2012

Sonic Avenues charge through their sophomore full-length so relentlessly that the energy's palpable. Coming off their well-received self-titled 2009 debut and into a spot on band favourite Dirtnap, the Montreal four-piece are charged, clearly, and aren't wasting a second of it. Television Youth doesn't stray too far from previous work, in that it's largely pop punk influenced by late '70s UK touchstones, but the band made a point this time of going both poppier and punkier, resulting in more hooks, distortion and a cleaner distinction between the two. The new dynamic works well; the momentary minor chords on "Static Attraction" nearly conceal the bright organs, and "Waste Away Alone" layers thick harmonies over driving down strokes, with both frequently featuring gang vocals. But as sunny as it sounds, Television Youth is saturated with themes of dissatisfaction with love and life, and the time-tested punk plight of time and mind wasted.

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