Someone Mashed Up 'Peanuts' Clips with Rush's "2112"

You better believe they synced up all 20 minutes of it

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 24, 2018

As much as the internet can feel like an endless hellscape in these turbulent times, it also never fails to bring us some truly bizarre mashups. We can only  hope you aren't in a "Rush" so you can take in the latest bit of audio/visual editing genius.

As The AV Club points out, YouTube user Garren Lazar has synced up all 20 minutes of Rush's iconic prog rock epic "2112" with clips from old Peanuts cartoons. The attention to detail is impressive: take in Pig-Pen playing Neil Peart's tight snare fills at 2:28 and the editing for the entirety of the song's "Presentation" movement.

Of course, Lazar is no stranger to such Peanuts projects: his YouTube channel also includes videos of Charlie Brown playing the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Miller Band and the entirety of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

"Ladies and gentlemen, '2112' is officially the most difficult Peanuts Parody I've ever made to date," Lazar wrote in a YouTube comment. "I know what you're thinking; 'you did the entire 'The Wall' album by Pink Floyd! How is this harder?' It's not about the length that makes doing a parody of a song a challenge, it's the aesthetics of a song. '2112' was not all about syncing, I had to incorporate other skills other than Final Cut Pro; such as Adobe Photoshop, and other tools to make this video possible. But, in the end it was worth it, and I hope that you all enjoy it!"

Rush gave their 2112 LP a massive anniversary reissue back in 2016. Watch Lazar's entire Peanuts reimagining of the title track below.

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