Someone Found a Bunch of Extreme Metal Logos in 'The Last of Us Part II'

Rotting Christ, Horrendous, Arsis and more make a subtle appearance in the game

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jul 15, 2020

The Last of Us Part II made waves thanks to its playable in-game acoustic guitar, which allowed gamers to play songs by Soundgarden, Radiohead and more (even Mark Hoppus got in on the fun). Adding to the game's musical legacy, a metalhead has now identified some real-life metal logos in the game.

Game developer Naughty Dog kept its metal nods visual, not audio, with a poster highlighting a bunch of bands under the fictional festival title "Inside Voices." The theme of the lineup is Greek black metal, with Rotting Christ and Necromantia getting top billing and further inclusions of Thou Art Lord, Varathron, Swamp and Zemial.

Soulskinner also hail from Greece but fall on the death metal side, where they're joined by some Americans: melodic techheads Arsis and progressive-leaning Horrendous. Yanks round out the rest, with thrashers Crucified Mortals and a couple of black metal bands in Svierg and Yamatu.

All these bands have actually appeared together once before on a promo graphic for the album Grotesque Creation by Fetid Zombie — a solo project by noted metal illustrator Mark Riddick.

The poster appears at least twice in the game according to Enrique Sagarnaga (who works for Relapse Records and is the drummer of Crypt Sermon and Daeva). He found the above screenshots on Reddit and remembers seeing it in a bike garage and backstage at a theatre.

Considering Taylor Guitars launched a pair of instruments alongside the game, perhaps this "Inside Voices" festival will actually take place down the line when concerts return.

Those who have played the game will also notice a huge Pearl Jam presence, with not only posters of the band appearing in Seattle but also their song "Future Days" making a very prominent appearance.

For now, fans of the game series can look forward to the HBO adaptation of the series' first game, 2013's The Last of Us, for which a pilot is being directed by Johan Renck.

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