Solo Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton AB, August 10

Solo Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton AB, August 10
Photo: Dana Zuk
The honour of kicking off the 38th year of the Edmonton Folk Festival went to Quebec outfit Solo, a recent combination of two well-known bands, Le Vent Du Nord and De Temps Antan.
The French-speaking supergroup displayed fantastic chemistry onstage; highlighted by expert musicianship, the band shared moments of laughter and played off one another's musical improvisations nicely. The set had an easy-going vibe, and Solo came off as a group of friends, jamming together without a care in the world.
The individual talents of each member were showcased through numerous solos, giving substance to the group's name. Solo gave a compelling performance of their traditional Quebecois songs, showing their chops throughout their lengthy set and never faltering.
Along with a plethora of traditional instruments in their arsenal, ranging from the bouzouki of Simon Beaudry to the accordion of Pierre-Luc Depuis, Solo gave the Edmonton Folk Fest audience a warm welcome to the celebration with an impressive performance.